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Bachelor Life Sciences - HAN University of Applied Sciences

Life Sciences is a 4-year full-time Bachelors that prepares students for an active and dynamic career in molecular life sciences. Students gain solid theoretical knowledge and while devoting more than half of the time doing practical work in laboratories. In projects students learn to patiently deal with actual life challenges like cancer research, the development of vaccines and alternative energy sources. The course also focuses on competences such as creative problem-solving skills, communication skills and insight into current & relevant issues in the field.

Students are trained to design and set up research independently; and to analyse and intrepret research results. Students can specialise in either molecular plant biology or molecular pathogenesis. The course of Life Sciences offers students the possibility to spend a semester abroad at a partner university as well as to go abroad for their work placement at an institute, research centre, company, etc. The study must be completed with a final graduation assignment focused on a major issue in the life sciences area.

The medical and pharmaceutical industry is constantly looking for new ways to prevent and cure diseases. Plant development companies try to develop new ways to optimise the growth and production of crops. Environmental companies look for innovative solutions to environmental problems. Dedicated professionals working in laboratories all over the world are at the heart of this research. Become one of them by studying Life Sciences at HAN!

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Bachelor Life Sciences - HAN University of Applied Sciences: Subjects

Subjects and modules in the Life Sciences course are: Molecular Biology, Molecular Genetics, Cell Biology, Microbiology, Immunology, Virology, Bioinformatics, Molecular Plant Biology, Carcinogenesis, Immunology, Physiology of Plants and Animals, Communication Skills, Research Skills, Molecular Plant Biology/ Molecular Pathogenesis

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Bachelor Life Sciences - HAN University of Applied Sciences: Career

After graduating, students can choose from many employers in both the commercial and public sector. For example, work at a research institute, a hospital, a health agency, or a pharmaceutical company. Graduates can be involved in researching diseases, designing new drugs, undertaking quality assurance, or working as a product or marketing specialist. Job titles can be: research assistant, junior project leader, lab manager, researcher.

Many students chose to continue their studies at Masters and further at PhD level.

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Bachelor Life Sciences - HAN University of Applied Sciences: Admission

You may enroll in the Life Sciences Bachelors course if you have successfully completed your secondary education. Since the course is taught in English, you also need a sufficient level of English.

German students with Abitur or Hochschulreife with English are considered to have a sufficient level of English proficiency. Students with an Abitur certificate with excellent marks in biology, chemistry and mathematics may be admitted to a special three-year Bachelors course.

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Life Sciences - Impressionen vom Bachelorstudium

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Bachelor Life Sciences - HAN University of Applied Sciences: Oxford University

The HAN Life Sciences course collaborates with Oxford University in teaching, internship and joint research.

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HAN University of Applied Sciences

Studienorte: Campus Nijmegen
Kapittelweg 33
6503 GL Nijmegen
T   +31 24 - 353 05 00

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