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Fine Arts

Astonishment provides for an entirely pure perception. If you understand the art of astonishment, you’re in a position to see the world with other eyes and make new discoveries. That is the basis of the creativity of art. During the Fine Arts programme, you’re stimulated to astonish yourself and challenged todiscover all your talents. Naturally, you also learn to work with a large number of materials and techniques, among them the new media. So you get broad insight into the illustrative possibilities of 2D-, 3D- and 4D-design.


The best!
For years now, the Fine Arts course in Maastricht has beenknown as the best in the Netherlands. Why? A cast iron teaching team accompanies you. No collection of wellknown artists who drop in from time to time, but firm team members with various qualities supplemented by workshops by interesting guest lecturers. Your talents and the further development of them are at the forefront. You are the pivotal point of our learning community, so you can become an artist who is in a position to create opportunities and possibilities.


As the study programme will be taught in Dutch, you will need to have a good command of Dutch. If Dutch is not your native language and you have a non-Dutch diploma, you must pass the ‘State Exams Dutch as a Second Language (NT2)’ at level 2 before starting the programme. If you are not up to this level, you can follow a course in Dutch as a second language (NT2).


Lower tuition fee for first-year students
If it is the first time you are enrolling in a bachelor's degree programme, then you may be eligible to pay only half of the statutory tuition fees for the first year when you are an EU-citizen.  

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Fine Arts: Career

After the programme

After the programme you are officially a fine artist. You can add substance to your art in various ways. Besides your work as a fine artist, you can also act as a creative thinker in organisations, put exhibitions and art manifestations together or be active as an art critic. In the region there are ever more opportunities for recent graduates to work. Early in the programme, we also put you in contact with your future field of work. The Academy works closely together with, among others, the Bonnefantenmuseum and Marres House for Contemporary Culture in Maastricht, Z33 in Hasselt, Espace Nord in Liege, the Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, Ludwig Forum in Aachen and the universities of Louvain and Maastricht.


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Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

Studienorte: Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design
Herdenkingsplein 12
6211 PW Maastricht
Limburg (Niederlande)
T   +31 43 346 66 70

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Kunst und Musik


Bachelor of Arts

Art des Studiums

1-fach Bachelor









4 Jahre Studienzeit

Kosten EU: 2083 EUR / Jahr

Kosten Nicht-EU: 9500 EUR / Jahr


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