Fine Art and Design in Education

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Fine Art and Design in Education

Can you draw and paint well? Would you like to bring people into contact with art and culture? Do you have what it takes to open yourself up within the field of art and culture, to express yourself, and to make statements? Do you want to make a contribution to society through your creativity? Then come to Maastricht for the bachelor programme leading to qualification as a Lecturer of Fine Arts and Design.


What does the programme involve?

This programme is characterized by its broad approach to 'art'. You will not only be prepared for the profession of teacher; you will also develop your skills in the fields of drawing, painting, sculpture, graphic design, photography, and film. Art theory (art history, comparative arts, philosophy of art) will also form a major part of the programme from the very beginning.

More than art only

Teaching is a very varied profession for which you will need to have a very wide range of skills. Being a good artist is not enough. You must also be able to share knowledge in an interesting and absorbing manner and be able to encourage and motivate others. You will therefore also be taught the subjects didactics (science of teaching) and teaching methodology. An enterprising attitude to work is also important these days. An internship and work on projects are important components of the programme.

As the study programme will be taught in Dutch, you will need to have a good command of Dutch. If Dutch is not your native language and you have a non-Dutch diploma, you must pass the ‘State Exams Dutch as a Second Language (NT2)’ at level 2 before starting the programme. If you are not up to this level, you can follow a course in Dutch as a second language (NT2).


Lower tuition fee for new students
If it is the first time you are enrolling in a bachelor's degree programme, then you may be eligible to pay only half of the statutory tuition fees for the first two years when you are an EU-citizen.  

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Fine Art and Design in Education: Subjects

A broad base in the first year

The first year is  broad in its scope. You will get acquainted with various visual arts disciplines as well as learning general theory. You will have lessons and carry out projects with other the first-year students in a museum. Excursions to Berlin and are just examples of the fascinating annual cultural trips that are organized for students.

From year two onwards
During your studies, you will have the opportunity to take part in numerous projects offered from year two onwards. These include several projects in cooperation with municipalities in the region and institutions of higher education.

After the second half of the third year, you will choose a single profile that you wish to pursue. This could be Visual Arts Practice, Art and Culture Education, or Art Pedagogy and Didactics. One of the characterising facets of the programme is the interdisciplinary cooperation with other faculties such as the academy of music and the drama academy.

If you are an art graduate, you can opt to follow a fast-track programme in order to gain your teaching qualification.

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Fine Art and Design in Education: Career

Graduates are entitled to use the title of Bachelor of Education (of Fine Arts and Design) and will have acquired full teaching competence at several levels. They are also able to work outside the school environment, for instance in Arts and Museum education.


Good job prospects

 If you choose a career in education, your job prospects are good. The number of vacancies in teaching is increasing rapidly due to the growing numbers of older teachers retiring. In many cases you may need to be content with a part-time appointment. There are also good job prospects in extra-curriculum, non-formal art education; there too, demand is increasing for qualified teaching staff.


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Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

Studienorte: Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design
Herdenkingsplein 12
6211 PW Maastricht
Limburg (Niederlande)
T   +31 43 346 66 70

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