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Music - Conservatorium Maastricht

Do you dream of a musical career? At the Conservatorium Maastricht you’ll develop your musical talent and you’ll prepare yourself for an international career. You can choose from Classical Music or Jazz. Both study programmes are English-taught and attract many students from abroad. Also (guest) lecturers come  from all corners of the world. This creates a vibrant, dynamic environment which permeates through all of the lessons, concerts and (international) projects.


Lower tuition fee for first-year students
If it is the first time you are enrolling in a bachelor's degree programme, then you may be eligible to pay only half of the statutory tuition fees for the first year when you are an EU-citizen.  

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Music - Conservatorium Maastricht: Career

We will turn you into a creative, professional and versatile musician. A musician who can put his or her own unique and artistic personality on the market with great flair. A musician who will eventually make a career for him- or herself as an inspiring player, band leader, composer, arranger, teacher, producer, organiser and/or manager, on a national and international level. Music as a profession is a tough option: it takes more than talent or the gift of playing an instrument. It also requires skills such as curiosity, an active inquiring attitude and an artistic and social personality. We focus on excelling together – this makes studying at Conservatorium Maastricht the right choice for many young, ambitious musicians.

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Music - Conservatorium Maastricht: Concerts

We do not make music for ourselves. We make it for you, our audience. That is why we regularly play in the city and surrounding area, hold jam sessions in various cafés, play Lazy Sunday Concerts or take our productions to nursing homes and schools. We also give public performances at our home base. If you choose to study at Conservatorium Maastricht you'll be joining the best connected conservatoire in Europe.

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Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

Studienorte: Conservatorium Maastricht
Bonnefantenstraat 15

6211 KL Maastricht
Limburg (Niederlande)
T   +31(0)43 346 66 80


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Fakten zum Bachelor




Kunst und Musik


Bachelor of Music


Englisch, Niederländisch






4 Jahre Studienzeit

Kosten EU: 1084 EUR / Jahr

Kosten Nicht-EU: 10116 EUR / Jahr