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Bachelor Mechanical Engineering at HAN University of Applied Sciences

The engineering profession has many faces. You could be designing roller coasters for amusement parks. Creating installations for a complicated manufacturing process. Or re-designing powertrains to run on biofuel. It’s all possible with a mechanical engineering degree. Learn how to use technology to increase machine performance parameters. In anything from huge cranes to the smallest micromechanical applications in healthcare. Develop your designing skills to let energy systems run on the smallest amount of energy possible. Or to run on renewable energy. Apart from the energy side of things? You’ll dive into steering and control, cost-efficient design and human-machine interfaces. In short, you’re choosing a broad, multidisciplinary field. 
Applying theory in practice is crucial for 2 reasons. First, it helps you understand complex ideas. Second, it gives you valuable practical experience. That’s why already in the 1st year you start working on design projects in small groups. Take the principles of construction. First you learn the theory, then you put it into practice. How? By creating a windmill, a wind-driven vehicle or a healthcare application. Later in the program you work on more complex, real-life projects in engineering companies. Projects with an international dimension. That could be a heat pump and thermal energy system design. An industrial transport application. Or a machine redesign.

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Bachelor Mechanical Engineering: Subjects

1st year:

  • Basics of Mechanical Engineering (Constructional Systems, Energy Systems).
  • Construction and applying knowledge in projects.
  • Energy Systems and working in bi-disciplinary project groups.


2nd year:

  • Specialised subjects on either Constructional Design or
  • Energy Systems design with extra focus on Automation.
  • Multidisciplinary project groups that work on real-life projects.


3rd year:

  • Mechanical Engineering Internship at internationally oriented company.
  • Production Facilities (design, operating and optimising).


4th year:

  • Minor
  • Graduation Assignment.

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Bachelor Mechanical Engineering: Career

With this degree, you can get a job as: 

  • Constructional Engineer 
  • Product Designer 
  • Energy Systems Engineer 
  • Product and Service Engineer 
  • Project Leader 
  • Production Manager 
  • Sales Engineer 

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Bachelor Mechanical Engineering at HAN: Admission

To get admitted to our Mechanical Engineering program, you need the following:


  • Diploma of secondary education with sufficient scores in Mathematics and Physics 
  • Fluency in English:
    •    IELTS 6.0 or higher
    •    TOEFL 80 or higher (internet-based)
    •    Cambridge certificate: FCE Grade C (minimum score 169 / CAE/ CPE) 


For more information, check: 


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Mechanical Engineering - Impressionen vom Bachelorstudium

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Why study Mechanical Engineering at HAN?

Extensive project experience 

Put advanced design and computation theory into practice in loads of exciting realistic mechanical engineering projects. Co-operate with businesses in multi-disciplinary student teams. Get intensive coaching to prepare you for hands-on work in businesses. 


Easy transfer to a Master in Engineering 

Researchers, industry and staff work together closely at HAN. Want to continue studying after your bachelor degree? Go on with the Master in Engineering Systems at HAN. 


Leading companies want our graduates 

Our qualified graduates are in demand at leading international companies, like Bosch, Philips and Heinz-Kraft. 


Professional learning community 

Staff and students, as well as business R&D sharing knowledge, projects and exchange. Learning from each other in a vibrant setting. 

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Lab facilities

At HAN you have access to a fully-equipped workshop with extensive lab facilities. Practice essential techniques, like bending, cutting and welding. Or more advanced techniques, like computer numerical control (CNC) machining and 3D-printing. At the materials lab you can conduct a stress-strain test, measure roughness or do a structure analysis. The control systems lab gives you access to pneumatics and software for industrial automation applications. And for measurements on cooling or heating systems you can use the energy systems lab. 

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HAN University of Applied Sciences

Studienorte: Campus Arnhem
Ruitenberglaan 26
6826 CC Arnhem
T   +31 24 - 353 05 00

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