International Food Business

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International Food Business an der Aeres University of Applied Sciences

The Netherlands is the 2nd food exporter in the world! Would you like to help think about how to improve our local and global food systems? As with any business study, you will get all the info on how to start and grow a business. You will also learn all about the constantly changing food industry, how to produce and market innovative products and how consumers make choices. With this entrepreneurial degree, you can study inside or outside Europe!


Why this programme?

  • International and English-taught programme and international class
  • You want a degree in food business
  • Access to various labour markets around the world
  • You will be studying for one year in France and Italy, the USA or Canada
  • Follow up with a one-year master’s programme at a university of applied sciences



Location: Dronten

Education type: Bachelor’s programme

Duration: 4 years, full-time

Language: English

Number of credits: 240 ECTS

Start date: 1 september

Application deadline: 1 May

Graduation: Bachelor of Business Administration 


Tag der offenen Tür

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International Food Business an der Aeres University of Applied Sciences: Programme content

In the first three years, you will learn a vast array of important terms and skills that are current in the international food industry, as well as improve your English proficiency. The programme covers subjects such as: export, business chains, food safety, marketing and logistics. In four years – 1 abroad – you will learn how to market and sell products abroad and prepare yourself for a career in the international market.

You can find more specific information about the content of this study on our website.

Meet us at one of our open days in Dronten.

Mehr Infos zum Studiengang? Besuche die Website!

International Food Business - Impressionen vom Bachelorstudium

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Mehr Infos zum Studiengang? Besuche die Website!

Übersicht der Bachelorstudiengänge - Aeres University of Applied Sciences

Mehr Infos zum Studiengang? Besuche die Website!

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Fakten zum Bachelor




Agrar- und Forstwissenschaften, Wirtschaft und Management


Bachelor of Business Administration

Art des Studiums

1-fach Bachelor








4 Jahre Studienzeit

Kosten EU: 2530 EUR / Jahr

Kosten Nicht-EU: 9434 EUR / Jahr