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Bachelor Chemistry at HAN

Chemistry is a 4-year full-time Bachelors that prepares students for a career in the field of (analytical) chemistry. In this profession you focus on the composition of materials and how their chemistry changes under certain conditions. That means you carry out a lot of experiments in the laboratory. For example, to develop and analyse new products such as food, medicines or plastics.


Theory and practice are inseparable at HAN University of Applied Sciences. You get a solid theoretical foundation in all the current research topics in chemistry and at the same time you dive straight into practice in the lab. This means working in groups of students on projects that deal with real problems in the chemistry field. And because HAN University of Applied Sciences collaborates with companies and research institutes in the Netherlands and abroad, you get to work on cutting-edge research projects. This gives you invaluable experience as well as problem-solving and communication skills that put you in high demand on the labour market.

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Bachelor Chemistry at HAN: Course Content

Course overview:

1st year
•  General Chemistry
•  Analytical Chemistry
•  Organic Chemistry
•  Biology
•  Laboratory Practice
•  Mathematics
•  Laboratory Mathematics


2nd year
•  Organic Chemistry
•  Analytical Chemistry
•  Polymer Chemistry
•  Laboratory Practice


3rd year
•  Specialisation in Analytical Chemistry
•  Work Placement or Minor


4th year
•  Work Placement or Minor
•  Graduation Project

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Bachelor Chemistry at HAN: Career

The HAN bachelor course Chemistry qualifies you to work in the field of analytical chemistry. Graduates in this field are in high demand in the Netherlands, so you will have excellent career opportunities.

You could work in the pharmaceutical or food industry at companies like Shell or Akzo-Nobel. Or you could work at a hospital or environmental agency, or at an independent research institute like TNO or the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority.

Our graduates get jobs as:

Research Assistant
Chemical technician
Junior Project Leader

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Bachelor Chemistry at HAN: Admission

Certificate of secondary education: Abitur or Fachhochschulreife with excellent grades in English, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology.
*Students with a VWO or Abitur certificate with sufficient marks in biology, chemistry and mathematics may be admitted to a special three-year Bachelors course.

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Chemistry - Impressionen vom Bachelorstudium

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Bachelor Chemistry at HAN: ASTP Talent Programme

HAN is partner of the COAST Innovation Centre. That means motivated and ambitious HAN Chemistry students can join the Analytical Sciences Talent Programme (ASTP).

Are you highly motivated and ambitious? After proving yourself in your 1st year at HAN, you can be nominated for the Analytical Sciences Talent Programme (ASTP). This is a 3-year talent programme that you follow alongside your regular studies. Once you’re selected, you receive a scholarship.

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HAN University of Applied Sciences

Studienorte: Campus Nijmegen
Kapittelweg 33
6503 GL Nijmegen
T   +31 24 - 353 05 00

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Fakten zum Bachelor




Ingenieurwissenschaften, Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften, Medizin und Gesundheit


Bachelor of Science









4 Jahre Studienzeit

Kosten EU: 2168 EUR / Jahr

Kosten Nicht-EU: 8668 EUR / Jahr


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