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International Leisure & Events Management at NHTV Breda

This English-taught professional bachelor's programme prepares you for a career in the international leisure industry. In 3 or 4 years’ time, you will become a professional in this creative and dynamic industry. During this education you learn how to create memorable and meaningful experiences which contribute to a more beautiful world.

Power and passion

  • Can you convert an old factory into a multicultural community centre?
  • Are you able to organise a sensational music festival or dance event?
  • Could you develop a fascinating concept for the world of top-class sport?

After your graduation as a leisure manager you will be able to combine creativity, business insight and organisational skills in creating meaningful leisure products!

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International Leisure & Events Management at NHTV Breda: Your career

As a leisure manager, you could take up a career in:

  • theatres
  • music labels
  • sports centres
  • theme parks
  • conference/event agencies
  • development of leisure areas

You may be in charge of the operational management of a company, the development of new leisure products, the organisation of exhibitions, conferences or events or involved in processes regarding societal matters where leisure plays an important role.

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International Leisure & Events Management - Impressionen vom Bachelorstudium

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Why study leisure & events management at NHTV Breda

  • recognised by the World Leisure Organization as the only World Leisure Centre of Excellence in Europe, and the third one in the world
  • imagineering, you learn how to create experience worlds at a qualitative level
  • international classroom
  • academic honours programme: in 3 years’ time bachelor’s degree International Leisure & Events Management and pre-master with direct access to Master of Science Leisure Studies
  • NHTV has 50 years of experience in leisure and tourism


According to Keuzegids HBO 2015 (Dutch) NHTV is the best large university of applied sciences in the Netherlands and the International Leisure & Events Management programme secured a position in the top 3 of government-funded institutions. By Elsevier (a renowned Dutch magazine), this programme was voted as the best.

International accreditations from the World Leisure Organization underline the quality of education in the field of leisure at NHTV. International Leisure & Events Management has been awarded the special distinctive feature of ‘Imagineering’ by the NVAO.

The programme was voted No.1 in its own category in the Nationale Studentenenquête 2016 (Student Survey).


The International Leisure & Events Management programme has been awarded a Special Distinctive Feature by the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organisation for the ‘Imagineering’ module.

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NHTV Breda

Studienorte: NHTV University of Applied Sciences
Mgr. Hopmanstraat 1
4817 JT Breda
Nord Brabant
T   +31 76 533 22 03

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International Leisure Management at NHTV Bred

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International Leisure & Events Management


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